18.11.2021 Sundowner @Hoppetosse w/ Onirik, DJ Pipe & Asia

For the 18th of December we are delighted to have Onirik, DJ Pipe & Asia to steer us through the night!

Onirik is now stranger to Hoppetosse & CDV, he regularly puts on his own nights via his vinyl ditributions event series „OTG – Off The Grid“, co-runs the Finest Hour imprint and manages his own imprint Garage Hermetique. We are very much looking forward to him bringing the heat to Hoppetosse this coming Thursday!

DJ Pipe has been making waves with his recent debut release on the Berlin based Ghost Records Imprint by the The Ghost dj duo and record shop van operators. A regular on their frequent nights at Hoppetosse and CDV we are looking forward to having him this Thursday and see what he’ll be cooking up for us when put into a different context then usually. Expect nothing less then butterflies down the canal!

Asia well known inside the scene for having run crisalida booking agency for many years she now has embarked on her own musical journes focusing on her own development rather then supporting other artists careers. We are looking forward to getting a taste of her own selection and to see where her own musical journey will be taking her in the years to come!

We are looking forward to see you on the dancefloor!

RA EVENT: ra.co/events/1479693
FB EVENT: https://fb.me/e/1hYWA6r7C

Sundowner. Mix #11 by Costa + Interview

The Sundowner Mix #11 comes from Spanish and Berlin based Dj Costa, who’s having his debut at the new weekly residency of @sundownerberlin at Hoppetosse. Costa’s sound characterised for being naughty, acidy and trance and always on the loop for the groove.

Ines: Hi Sergi, how are you?

Sergi: Hi Ines. I’m good, having a hot chocolate, and really excited for what’s coming this week. I’m gonna play my first gig at the lovely Hoppetosse boat!
I’m writing from the living room facing Warschauer Strasse, which is not too busy today. This is in Berlin, where I moved in March 2021. The city, the people, the music scene trapped me and I voluntarily surrendered.

Ines: What was it that triggered your interest in music?

Sergi: This has been a journey. I would go back to 2018, where I started connecting with my body in a deeper level, after discovering contemporary dance. And needless to mention we were dancing to music. The healing and ecstatic aspects of dancing I guess were the things that guided me to discover the art of mixing and creating these experiences for others. From that point I felt and understood raving/clubbing in a different way.
Ultimately, visiting a friend in Berlin in 2020 gave me the opportunity to understand how music mixing works and started playing with it. In parallel I started also reading the theories about the raving experience from Eris Drew, and could relate immediately to that.
To me, mixing music is a constant conversation with and within yourself, and yourself with others.

Ines: What’s your digging process?

Sergi: Interesting question! The first time that I wanted to get a vinyl was at Marla records: www.startnext.com/savemarlarecords. I arrived there and I had a little idea of what I wanted to get. I asked for some recommendations for music genres and after listening to a few of them I selected two, just because they sounded good (whatever that means). Let me say that one of them I have never played again (it made me cringe the last time I tried to play it haha), and the other one I still love it.
Digging is also part of this conversation and likewise, you also learn to listen differently. Nowadays I feel I can listen better (in my own way), and though I still go to specific genres, now I’m more interested in if the music is speaking the same emotion/sensation I’m looking for.

Ines: What was your inspiration to record the Sundowner podcast?

Sergi: I wanted to take you to the atmospheres and places in a journey from sunlight to moonlight, with a final celebration as if ‚we made it!’. Like a sundowner, going into the night and seeing the first rays of the next morning.
I translated the tracks to my own interpretation of levels of lightness and darkness.
And above all that, I just wanted the mix that I’d like to dance at a party!

Ines: Who’s the latest artist you discovered that impacted you?
Let me mention two. This summer I went to surely one of the best queer techno raves this year for me, Fluid Vision. In both of their editions I felt really inspired by VINVAR, one of their residents. Fast, euphoric and shameless in the mixing, she brought a full ecstatic experience to the audience at the end of both editions.

Couldn’t leave this paragraph without mentioning Roza Terenzi, who I recently had the pleasure to see live for the first time in Panorama bar. Incredible selector of groovy, trance oriented sounds and mild techno.

Ines: If you could pick any DJ or act to play with, who would it be and why?

Sergi: I would 1000% pick Eris Drew. The night I saw her in London in 2020 (before the virus situation took over), I understood the power of the Dj, the crowd completely changed, I couldn’t leave the front row, It felt like a very long trip of joy. I would love to play with her to get contagious with her wisdom and dance floors experiences, have a conversation without speaking, dance with her.

Ines: What has been the most memorable dance floor moment and why?

Sergi: One of the most memorable moments I’ve had lately was precisely in this Fluid Vision rave. I was dancing in the front and I was making eye contact with a guy a little bit behind me. I could recognise that he was part of my friend’s group, but I didn’t know him directly. After a little bit, he came to compliment my dance moves and I complimented back and he suggested we exchanged contacts. But since he was not using social media, he handed over to me his phone saying „Maybe write your name, phone number, foot size, favourite food, a poem…“ To which I decided to write him a poem on the dance floor! It was a pretty cheesy poem, but this is more or less what I came up with within a couple of minutes. 
The bright in your eyes, is light as the sky, have fun on the dance floor until the night“.
Needless to say, I had never written a poem on the dance floor before. We had a date after that, and we’re going to have a second one.

Ines: What is one thing that you can’t live without?

Sergi: It’s definitely Tahini (for now). I sadly don’t have any left in my counter. But I just had an idea, I will buy two or three pots next time, so I don’t run out of it too fast haha. Did I mention that food it’s another of my greatest passions in life?

Ines: Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and anecdotes Sergi, we are very looking forward to listen to you this coming Thursday at Sundowner. party at Hoppetosse.

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Sundowner Berlin Winter Season Opening / 4.11.2021 @Hoppetosse, Berlin

We are excited to announce to you the opening event of our very first Sundowner Berlin Winter Season! After 3 continious years of summer parties at ELSE & Club der Visionäre we are now extending our program into the cold days.
And where better to do that then on our favourite boat MS Hoppetosse the Winter and all year round sister venue of Club der Visionäre.

Sundowner will start to host a weekly Thursday event starting from 4th of November.

For the very first edition we invite Leeds born DJ Youandewan who doesn’t need any further introduction in our opinion, well known across the scene and much loved within Berlin for his selection and positive energy, we can’t wait for him to share both with all of you coming Thursday.

Next we have Ukrainin DJ Aliana who already played for one of our events at cdv this summer and we just can’t get enough so we decided to invite her again. Make sure to check out her amazing productions as well, she just announced her debut Album on Berlin based record label Finest Hour. Definitely Material for the finest dancefloor hours.

Last but not least we invited So-Fi again who made her cdv debut last year at one of our Sundowner events but now we are looking forward to her once again gracing us with her eclectic selection and this time finally with no corona related dancing restrictions imposed anymore, so get ready to move!

Thursday 4th November, from 22:00, @Hoppetosse, Berlin!

RA: https://ra.co/events/1476985
FB: https://fb.me/e/1sraGWk8v

Sundowner. Mix #10 by robbin + Interview

The Sundowner Mix #10 comes from Dutch and Berlin based DJ robbin, who had her debut at System Error party last summer at CDV and recently at Hoppetosse. She shared with us some tips for people that is starting to DJing and some of her inspiration, get to know her better in this interview we had with her.

Sundowner.: Hi robbin, how are you?

robbin: Hello dear Sundowner. crew, greetings from autumnally Berlin! Thank you for giving me the opportunity. It was a great learning with lots of love put into it and I hope you listeners will enjoy the trip!

Sundowner.: Thank you robbin, we definitely did! So first of all I would like to ask you, who or what inspired you to start DJing?

robbin: It did come naturally after loving the music so much, being curious and also having a DJ boyfriend. But moreover I wanted to know how a crowd would react to my music and what feelings it would give them. Since this was what many other DJ’s showed me, like for example Zip.

Sundowner.: What would you say is the key for a perfect mix?

robbin: First of all, I think it’s a lot about the music selection. If you have all the tracks that really belong together there is very little effort for mixing needed. I also always appreciate a storyline that to me adds more personality and feeling.

Sundowner.: Can you tell us a little bit about some of the music you’ve included in the podcast, perhaps about some of the labels or artists featured?

robbin: I really like to combine new with old tracks to always keep the dynamic in a set as well as making it a challenge for myself while selecting music. And that’s what I tried also in this set. The first track for example is from an Australian producer Andras Fox on a compilation LP on Public Possession released this year. And one other track comes from the crew KCL Project on 90’s UK label Octopus. Also the artist Pluto who’s tracks I always love released on this label. Please go check them both out!

Sundowner.: What’s the differences you see in the music scene from when you started to now?

robbin: I am so happy to see that the scene is offering more and more a stage to younger and minority artists, like female DJ’s. We are slowly building a future where everyone can pursue anything in their lives they want and it’s beautiful to see it happening.

Sundowner.: Can you name an album or EP you consider “timeless”?

robbin: Often I put on Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records from Jan Jelinek. I love it because of the different interpretations you can give it. It can be listened to as ambient, however it also has elements of techno that creates a different mood if you pitch it higher. Being able to play with the speed of a track and putting it on at different moments makes it timeless for me.

Sundowner.: What has been the most memorable dance floor moment and why?

robbin: Tough one, definitely a couple for sure but ok this one maybe you readers would relate to. I will never forget that moment, Get Perlonized, Panorama bar, 12 o’clock in the afternoon, this moment when the blinds come up. But this time the sun was shining so bright that the whole room was white and it felt like I was dancing in heaven!

Sundowner.: Oh definitely we can relate to, and it will be always in our minds. What advice would you give to people that are starting to DJ based on your personal experience?

robbin: DJing should be an expression of yourself so try no matter what to stay true to what you like and make you move on the dance floor. I believe by doing that and evolving, you will really master the skill.
In terms of mixing skills, I can recommend that you start with recording as early as possible, listen to it, learn from the mistakes but also try to understand what style of mixing you are good at. And if I may, as a final tip, always stay curious for new/other music! That helps me to keep motivated too.

Sundowner.: Do you have any projects we should look out for?

robbin: Yes, last year my good friend Gabriela Müller and I starting our project zeevonk where we aim to create a platform for artist to be free to experiment, support and inspire one another. The project started with our ‘natural habitat podcast series’ where all artists involved work on a proposed theme, drawing inspiration from natural habitats. We still have plenty of ideas that we like to share with the world. Definitely more music performance and visual art installation but also ambient afternoon listenings served with food, film streamings, to name a few.
‘Underwater love’ and ‘lost in a forest’ podcast series are both available to listen on zeevonk’s soundcloud page.

Sundowner.: Thank you so much for your inspirational words and tips robbin. We wish you all the best in this new journey you are starting and we hope to see you very soon again behind the booth.

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Sundowner. Mix #09 by Hengstenberg + Interview

Our next guest for the Sundowner Mix series is Parisian selector and Dj Hengstenberg. Get to know more about him and his inspiration, and enjoy one hour of an emotional, fun and quirky selection that he prepared for us.

Ines: Hi Julien, how are you?

Julien: Hi there, thanks for the invite, right now things are pretty good. Just came back to Berlin after island hopping around the Cyclades for the past few weeks, enjoying quality time with family, friends and myself. I’m super grateful that I could finally unplug. It took some time to kick back and relax as the past months/year have been quite hectic to say the least, but hey, we’ve pretty much all been through rough tides lately. All in all, the most important things are there: love, health and music. 

Ines: That’s nice words to hear. So first of all, how would you describe your sound?

Julien: It’s constantly evolving since it stems from external inputs which I then process and translate through my own lense of interpretation. As the track “Formenverwandler” from Der Zyklus puts it: “shape shifting from place to place, bending time, curving space”.

My journey took me through a variety of musical phases, often related to the places where I lived and the people I encountered. For example in Paris with clubs like Concrete and parties in suburbs’ warehouses. Then Berlin and mainly CDV/Hoppetosse, Heideglühen and Panorama Bar. Then Frankfurt with Robert Johnson and parties I was organising with the Hansa crew in Silbergold. And finally back in Berlin after 3 years. 

My collection built up over time and the tracks that stuck with me usually tend to tell a story on their own.  Right now and through this podcast, I connected with what could be described as a more, quirky, groovy, acidy, round melodic bass lines, sometimes bizarre kind of sound while keeping it dance floor-oriented. 

Ines: Are there any particular online or physical stores you consider favorites?

Julien: Te Iubesc, in Paris. So many records rarely leaving my bag are coming from there. The 2nd hand selection was really on point, shop owner Dawidu was going the extra mile to fill up the shelves with hidden gems from every corner of the world.

Gosu, in Frankfurt. I have a special tie to this record shop as it’s the first place I hit when I came to live in the city. I came to live there for a year and at the time I didn’t know anybody. I was blessed to immediately be welcomed with open arms by the local crew and quickly had the chance to actively contribute to the scene. 

Libertine, in Berlin. Although today I usually find most of my stuff on Discogs, I always find something worth getting when I go to Yoshi’s place. A few other shops where I enjoy digging are Bikini Wax, Kimchi and Marla. 

Ines: Did you have a concept in mind for the creation of this podcast?

Julien: It was more about capturing the essence of my current perceptions. Process-wise I took a piece of paper and drew an horizontal line with an arrow to the right to represent the timeline. Then I started placing words and emotions around it, like downtempo around the beginning, bpm jump around 1/4th, quirky techno around 3/4th and melancholic melodies around the end. Then I started placing records fitting these buzzwords and fine-tuned the selection based on how well they transitioned together. 

Structurally, I would say that there are 3 distinct parts with “bridge” tracks making the connection, first block being slow, happened to be 115bpm, then escalated to 130bpm with more groovy sounds, to get to a more peak time techno-ish vibe. 

Ines: How do you think that this moment we are living in, is going to impact the music scene in the future?

Julien: Positively I’m hoping. Sure there are obvious challenges that will have to be overcome to preserve the culture. But I believe that the people making the scene will go past them as they always have. I believe that many are yearning for authenticity, closeness and inspiration and this is precisely what the scene’s values bring to the table. At least this is what it brought me throughout the years. Today more than ever, there is a need for spaces of inclusion where free spirits and creative minds gather to express themselves and celebrate diversity. It’s up to each individual to keep our collective minds open, and the music scene has, is and always will be a medium for that. 

Ines: Do you have any plans in the short term or plans for the future?

Julien: Hard to plan with the uncertainty today but one thing is for sure is that I’ll keep sharing as much positivity as I can around me, support my family, friends and people in general, trying to make my little corner of the world a bit better. Music-wise I’m taking it as it comes, we’ll see what happens next.

Ines: Ok and last question Julien, tell me a track that reminds you of your childhood.

New order – Crystal

Ines: Thank you so much for your lovely words and positive vibes Julien, and hope to see you on the dance floor soon!

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Sundowner. Mix #08 by Inner + Interview

Our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series is Romanian producer and DJ Cristian aka Inner & DJ Wibe. We had the chance to talk with him during the summer about the music scene and his personal evolution as musician. Check out the interview we had with him.

Ines: Hi Cristian, how are you?

Cristian: Hello, I’m fine, thank you for asking me to do this mix for you.

Ines: Thank you, so first of all, how has been your evolution since you started producing for the first time?

Cristian: In a way I tend to think that my latest tracks are the best tracks I have done, but that is misleading because it’s probably normal to get excited about the last project the most, because it’s so fresh and new. In another way I feel like when I started making music I wasn’t really trying to achieve anything, I just made tracks in a very pueril manner, quite naive and I went with whatever was happening. As I grew, my expectations of myself grew as well so that led to disappointment and dissatisfaction with my own work when I would not achieve a certain level I was striving for. I learned later that it’s ok to fail and to try and try and try and there will be shit tracks and good tracks along the way. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I went from not carrying that much to carrying too much and then to relaxing again, I’m in a relaxed state now.

Ines: Do you have any ritual or special thing you do before playing a gig?

Cristian: Not really, in the days before the gig preparation is key, right before the gig I try to wash my hands if possible so I can start with fresh clean hands. 

Ines: haha that’s a good thing to do for sure.  Can you tell us a little bit about some of the music you’ve included in the podcast, perhaps about some of the labels or artists featured?

Cristian: My idea for the podcast was to start slow, like I would start playing at a party in the daytime and I would play through the night, but condensed in a bit more than 1h. If you think about the club without music and people it’s really not such a nice place, its dark, there is no proper sitting and it’s kinda smelly, that’s why my ideal situation for a opening set would be that the music at the begging of the night is welcoming, and it’s not necessary the main thing, it’s part of the ambiance of the place and gradually it becomes louder and occupies more and more of the energy of the room and all of a sudden you start dancing without realising it. 

Ines: What’s the differences you see in the music scene from when you started to now?

Cristian: It feels to me that we are slowly getting back to the times where DJs are appreciated for being a DJ and not necessary for being a producer/ DJ. When DJs came around, that is what they were, only DJs, selectors, not producers of music, at some point it became the norm that the DJ is also a producer and it has to have some eps/hits to be booked as a DJ. I started in a time where this was still the case, but lately DJs that do not produce are taking DJing to another level and it’s very interesting and rewarding to experience this as a DJ/producer and as a dancer. 

Another big and very welcomed change is the number of female DJs and the fact that there are way more than lets say 10, 20 years ago. They just bring a different energy to the DJ booth and to the dancefloor and I welcome that with all my heart.

Ines: Do you have any plans in the short term considering the current situation or plans for the future?

Cristian: In the short term I will release another EP on bandcamp under my new DJ Wibe alias, and by the end of the year an EP under my good old name Inner. 


Ines: Ok and last question, if you could travel in time, to which era or time of history would you go and why?

Cristian: Uhh, hard one, I think I would like to travel for a day in the future and see if we completely fuck it up or not, cause at the moment it feels like we are. But maybe also back in time when there was no technology like the fourteen hundreds and then at a rave in ‘92. Ciao.

Ines: Thank you so much Cristian, we hope to hear more from you very soon!

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Sundowner. Mix #07 by Niff + Interview

Our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series is Italian DJ Niff. A creative mind who characterised for his tasteful selection and eclectic DJ sets inspired from all types of electronic music genres. Check out the interview we had with him.

Sundowner.: Hi Nicola, how are you? 

Niff: Ciao, all good in Berlin, thank you!

Sundowner.: First of all, what was it that triggered your interest in music?

Niff: It comes from my home environment when i was very little, my father always listening to classical music, my brother playing the piano and my mother singing songs of Lucio Battisti, Franco Battiato, Francesco De Gregori. After that, 2 things had a big impact on me, first the italian rap-hip hop scene in the very late 90’s, and later when i got into Titilla Cocoricó for the first time in 2003 as a Clubber.

Sundowner.: What’s your creative process when recording a podcast?

Niff: Recording a podcast is something you do for the people so it has to be prepared with care from the first record to the last one, every track should get along with the others and in the end the story reflects your mood. I like it to be the most perfect it can be but imperfections are part of the thing.

Sundowner.: What has been the most fun b2b you’ve ever played?

Niff: Well…you know it’s kinda hard to say, but i think the one with Dj Tree last summer for the birthday of my friend Andrea in Rome.

Sundowner.: What’s the differences you see in the music scene from when you started to now?

Niff: It could seem ages have passed by, since I started until now…the internet changed everything. The progress of technology helped us digging deeper in every genre of music ever known, everybody now has different sources for discovering new music which can be old or new, analog or digital. It means that nowadays the music standard is higher and higher (or it should be). 

Sundowner.: Any projects or releases we should look out for?

Niff: My new project FUORIORARIO coming very soon, a multidisciplinary platform, record label, podcast series and more. The first release has been ready for more than one year but then the pandemic happened so you know… 

Sundowner.: Last question Niff, what’s your 3 favorite clubs/ parties?

Niff: That’s a very hard question…the Magick Bar in Rome, Closer in Kiev and Breakfast Club Party in Paris.

Sundowner.: Thank you so much for your time and we hope to see you very soon on the dance floor! 

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30th August // SUNDOWNER. @Club der Visonäre

For the second edition of SUNDOWNER. at Club der Visionäre in Berlin this year on Monday the 30th of August we decided to go International and invite some promising talents from abroad and outside of Berlin to make their debuts at cdv.

Resident Advisor Event
Facebook Event

Aliana is steadliy making a name for herself in the Ukrainian scene, hailing originally form the the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, you can find her regularly playing in Kyiv, Lviv and elsewhere.

Loa Szala has been on a strong upwards trajectory lately with her gig debut at Fabric London’s room 2 just a few weeks back for She Made and being added as a resident DJ for London’s Alien Communications imprint and being featured on female only/empowering label & collective Ra+Re’s mix series. She also hosts her monthly Radioshow Hachō on Netil Radio.

International Mac has been making waves as part of the infamous french collective 192 GmbH based in Berlin. He recently played at Nostromo Festival in good company alongside the big names in our scene. Expect to be taken on a joyful journey.

Drama Source Artifacts was first introduced to us as regular on the Sundowner. dancefloors over the past years and recently convinced us that we need to have him swap roles for the next edition and rather command the dancefloor then start it.

We are excited for all these new fresh talents and the energy and music they will bring to us on Monday! See you on the dancefloor!

Sundowner. Mix #06 by Tonchius + Interview

Our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series is Norwegian based DJ and producer Tonchius. Co-pilot of Continually Records, which second release came out this summer, check out the interview we had with her.

Ines: Hi Tonje, how are you? 

Tonje: Hi Ines, thanks for asking. A question I find challenging to answer these days, but I’m alive! I’m based (and sort of stuck) in Oslo at the moment, but it is a super nice place to be during the sunny summer. It never really gets dark up north this time of the year, which I really enjoy. There is walking distance whenever I fancy going for a swim in the ocean or to a lake in the woods, in addition to the city center. After a long lockdown, finally the city is starting to open again, although still with some limitations especially for nightlife, like a strictly no dancing policy and short opening hours. But it is starting to loosen up at least for open-air events, so that gives a feel of “normal”.

Ines: Could you tell me about your musical background? What kind of sounds did you grow up with and how do they inspire your sound now?

Tonje: I come from classical and jazz – as I played both the piano and the trombone until serious digging for records took all my dedication from 2015/2016. I was particularly interested in improvisation in jazz, and this is still a huge inspiration in the way I select and play records.

Ines: When playing a gig do you find it challenging to engage with the crowd? 

Tonje: Normally no, as I very much feed on the energy from the crowd. Now the problem is rather how to keep the crowd seated, as there is strictly no dancing allowed, at least here in Oslo at the moment.

Ines: Which was the last podcast you enjoyed and can recommend to our readers? 

Tonje: I really enjoyed and recommend the mix from Bowyer on BinarySound, such summery vibes!

Ines: Is there anything you would like to change or promote in the music industry? 

Tonje: I wouldn’t change as such, but I hope that the self-centredness and constant chase for gigs that has very much been a big part of the industry, continues to fade away and create room for the music to evolve. There is so much new and top-notch music being released these days, setting the modern sound of house and techno. That is for me very exciting times to be part off!

Ines: Any projects or releases we should look out for?

Tonje: Me and Rub800 started a record label last year: ‘Continually  Records’. The second release is coming out this summer. 

Ines: Oh that’s great to hear! So, last question. If your record bag would have a personality, how would it be?

Good question. I don’t think I can describe it with a personality, but rather one with several moods and feelings. It’s happy, angry, raw, trippy, dark, optimistic and positive, melancholic and sad.

Ines: Thank you so much for your time and thoughts Tonje, we wish you all the best and looking forward to hear more of Continually Records.

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Sundowner. Mix #05 by Garo + Interview

Our next guest for our Sundowner. mix series is Berlin based Bulgarian DJ Garo. We ask him some questions about inspiration and his future plans, get to know him better in this interview we had with him.

Ines: Hello Garo, how are you?

Garo: Hello Ines, first I would like to thank you for the invitation to prepare the mix. I am right now at home in Berlin feeling very good actually! I am just a couple of days away from my trip to Bulgaria where I will spend a well-deserved holiday in the sun with friends and family. Lots of exciting things are happening in my life right now and I am very excited about new opportunities. Life is good!

Ines: That’s nice to hear! Where did you grow up and how did it influence your sound?

Garo: Until the age of 10 I grew up in Bulgaria after which my family moved to Germany to a small town in Hessen. That was where I first discovered my interest in music through friends. One of them was a DJ. We used to meet during weekends to listen to him playing records. He recorded his mixes on tapes with artists like FSOL, U96, DJ Hooligan and that music was my first inspiration. I still have the tapes. ☺

Ines: What was your inspiration for the Sundowner podcast?

Garo: Since the beginning of the pandemic finding inspiration has become quite difficult because there is very little to do. So, I took a trip down memory lane to picture the perfect experience of people hanging out outdoors and dancing as the sun goes down and up. That feeling I tried to recreate in the mix.

Ines: We definitely felt the vibe! ☀️
So, what are your preferred methods of browsing music?

Garo: I find online and physical digging to be equally exciting. But I must admit, there is another level of excitement whenever I discover a new record store. In fact, it is something of a ritual for me to visit at least one vinyl shop every time I travel to a new city. Last year before the pandemic I had the chance to visit Cuba and I found rare gems at a flea market in Havana. 

Ines: How do you think the current moment will impact the musical scene in the future?

Garo: A lot of artists have moved out from Berlin in the past year which will definitely impact the city’s musical scene. Now new artists have a bigger chance to showcase their music to a wider audience, so I suppose we can expect a restart of the scene with a brand new musical landscape. I think when clubs re-open, people will fall in love with clubbing again and will value artists and clubs even more. I have good feelings about the future. 

Ines: What has been one of the most memorable dance floor moments for you and why?

Garo: This is really hard to pick just one. There have been so many. Perhaps, the most memorable ones are from the old Studio EW in Sofia. It had a backyard garden where parties often lasted for 24 hrs. Those times will always remain the ultimate party experiences in my life.

Ines: That sounds really amazing! I can totally imagine it. To finish, I would like to ask you if you have any plans for the future considering the current situation?

Garo: During the never-ending lockdown I used the time to focus on myself. I started studying again. I am also preparing the launch of my own label – DigBig records. The concept behind the label is to present artists from different musical backgrounds, obscure dance-oriented, broken beats, experimental and electro sounds.

A specific event I look forward to this summer is Wake Up Stran-Jah, a really cool boutique festival, taking place on the Bulgarian seaside that I recommend to anyone who is in for an intimate musical experiences off-the-grid. And of course, I hope that nightlife comes back soon in all its glory so we can listen and dance to music together again, also here in Germany.

Ines: Thank you so much for your time Garo and we wish you all the best with your new label and lots of fun in your trip to Bulgaria!

Don’t miss Garo this weekend at Wake Up Stran-Jah:

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